Ryan Norris - Renaissance CTO

I am a dad, technology guy, and generalist who builds companies, coaches leaders, and fixes problems. I get excited about working together with other smart people who want to make a difference for people, particularly in areas where technology has been traditionally slow like healthcare and education. I work in the Boston-area for companies in many places, helping them with things like coaching young and talented CEOs and CTOs, directing project teams for organizations scaling their software development capabilities, and knocking out projects that are enterprise-critical but resource or talent constrained. I blog largely about my experience building technology and technology teams, particularly in software service delivery and product development. I also write about self-growth, career development, alternative education, and topics of note in business - particularly in the digital space.

I'm working on potentially adding a podcast, and you can always find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.


I am an independent consultant currently doing work with Osmosis: Knowledge Diffusion, Modea, and Pod. Previously I was the CTO of Consumer Business at Vitals, CTO at Be the Partner, and CPO at Medullan. I've done projects for companies like WebMD, Partners Healthcare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Janssen, Pfizer, Genentech, and others. I've probably built software teams more than I've built software - at Medullan I was employee #6 and lead the development of our software engineering practice to over 70 engineers globally. I'm a generalist who is adaptable to solve a variety of problems. At Vitals I lead the rebuild of their UX and SEO to grow their organic traffic nearly 10x before the sale to WebMD. I'm a proficient technologist and can be hands on as needed, able to handle everything from frontend apps using Angular and React to PHP and NodeJS-based web applications to DevOps using Terraform, Kubernetes, and Docker, to CMS work with CraftCMS.

Liz and I homeschool our two girls. We are members of the Macomber Center for Self-Directed Learning. She leads the local homeschooler girl scout troop as well. I lecture occasionally on topics of technology and digital at places like Bentley University (my alma mater) and George Mason. In the past I've made the time to brew beer, teach myself guitar, paint, draw, and write. We have labored over our gardens and dealt with the perils and pride of home ownership. We travel when we can, all part of the experience of homeschooling.

I've worked with some incredible people, and through those relationships I continue to work on the things I like to work on.


I'm always looking for new projects, but my availability is always based on my current workload. I am pretty busy through the end of 2019, but if you have projects that you would like to discuss hat would start in 2020 - feel free to contact me at (ryan at ryannorris dot com). Here are the types of things that I generally like to work on that are worth you paying me for:

  • Technology services - analysis of business problems and current technical needs, architecting solutions
  • Digital strategy - analyzing challenges at all parts of the funnel, refining metrics, implementing analytics, creating roadmaps for growth
  • Software development - developing spec for new solutions and building them out the way that I would build it if it were my own (read: I'm diligent about the things I build). Everything from data warehouses to content management platforms to mobile applications.
  • Executive coaching - working with leaders at emergent companies to ensure that they are making the time for a 365º view of their company, including building human capital, making operations efficient, and engaging the market to improve products and services